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tired. [29 Sep 2006|01:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

mmmm.... long time. okay actually very long time.

well myspace is gay. and livejournal should def. come back into the coolness of the world! haha.

anyways. new stuff about me. i live at ashleighs house now. and ashleigh has left me today. im sad. i miss her. but its okay shes not that far away, which is a very good thing. i have a wonderful job. i love it. i work at st. andrews daycare. the people there are amazing. i have also met some amazing people here in the past month or so. they are wonderful and i hope to never lose them. i am very happy with my life. well i guess thats all for now. im gonna go to bed. i got to go to work tomorrow at 2:30(in the afternoon) and then i get to go to west virgina! yaya!! im excited. i miss my family. but yea. goodnight<3

-than that

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